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Lead Time Reduction
There is a plant-wide initiative to measure and continually reduce lead times. Non-value-adding steps in the mfg. process are gradually eliminated and dock-to-dock velocity is increasing.

Quick Changeover
Quick changeover methods are employed to increase equipment availability and respond quickly and economically to changing schedules and customer needs.

Cellular Manufacturing (Focused Factories)
The facility is structured into product- or customer-focused work groups housing all operations to manufacture a family of products. Office operations are similarly structured to increase accountability, response time and quality while reducing inventories and backlogs.

Empowered Teams
Employees are multi-skilled members of motivated, capable work groups with clear roles, responsibilities and performance standards.

Cross Functional Teamwork
There is a high level of teamwork and coordination between organizational units and strong internal customer-supplier relationships.

Associate Involvement & Commitment
Shop floor employees routinely solve problems, suggest and implement improvements and are committed to world-class performance.

Process Reliability
A formalized system is in place to maximize equipment uptime and reduce variation in product quality. Overall Equipment Effectiveness measures are at world-class levels.


Continuous Improvement
Employees are engaged in quality control on a regular basis. All teams meet to set goals, solve operating problems and implement corrective action.

In-Process Quality
Product quality is built-in at the operating level. Employees have the ability and the authority to make product quality decisions in process and quality management tools.

Seamless Shift Operations
Continuity, consistency and communication are maintained across shifts. An effective 24-hour management system provides the necessary support for all shifts. Shift schedules satisfy both operational and employee needs.

Goal Deployment
Key performance indicators and shop floor goals are in place for each area, developed at the operating level and tied directly to plant goals.

Incentives, Rewards & Recognition
There is an effective incentive and recognition system that promotes continuous improvement and rewards outstanding individual, team and plant performance.

Plant Safety, Loss Prevention & Housekeeping
Effective training & awareness, thorough incident investigations and a organization program ensure an orderly, efficient and safe workplace.

High-Performance Leadership
All levels of plant leadership provide coaching, training & mentoring to subordinates, encouraging peak performance and employee involvement.

Supplier Partnerships
The organization collaborates with a few key certified suppliers to continuously improve material cost, quality & delivery, benefiting all involved.

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